67 Steps


Out on the far end of the North Fork of Long Island is an idyllic little beach named for the 67 steps of the staircase down to it. This cove is a perfect isolated spot for watching the sun rise, or for getting married. The varied landscape and blue waters make for some truly lovely photos.

Vanderbilt Museum


Called one of the most romantic places on Long Island, Vanderbilt Museum or Eagle’s Nest is a large, 43-acre estate that was the summer home for the Vanderbilt family. There are plenty of places for beautiful photographs, and the Museum is currently offering a special price for elopement ceremonies and use of its grounds.

Prosser Pines


As the only white pines forest on Long Island and one of the oldest on the Eastern Seaboard, Prosser Pines is a great place to get lost in for a while. For woodsy people who love the outdoors, these ancient towering pines would make the perfect backdrop to your elopement pics.

Bethesda Terrace


For those that like to stay a bit closer to the city, Bethesda Terrace is a simple yet elegant location at the heart of Central Park. Depending on your preference, we can take pictures outdoors on the terrace, with great views of a fountain and the park, or indoors in a beautiful ballroom-esque space.

Peconic Herb Farm


A short drive from Riverhead, the Peconic River Herb Farm is an adorable nursery at the far end of Long Island. This is a great spot for anyone with a love for plants and greenery, and the farm also rents out the grounds specifically for micro-weddings and small gatherings.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum


The Bayard Cutting Arboretum is not so much a park as it is a “museum of trees”. Boasting a nearly 700-acre campus and a beautiful selection of waterfronts, flowers, and trees, this could be the perfect place to take your ceremony photos.

Fire Island Lighthouse


Most people from anywhere in the US have heard of Fire Island, or at least know the lighthouse, and for good reason. This perfect little barrier island feels like a miniature paradise away from the rest of the world. The towering lighthouse

Sunken Meadow State Park/Kings Bluff Park

With its beachside boardwalk and seemingly miles of endless sand, Sunken Meadow makes for some great photos on the shore of the Long Island Sound. I recommend coming here in the early morning, when there will be fewer people around.

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